Costa Rica

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Investment in Costa Rica prudential real estate

real estate

Costa Rica, due to its world famous democracy, breathtaking sceneries, nice year round weather and friendly people, is one of the most attractive countries in the World to invest in real estate right now.

Investment returns of 5 to 7 years are the average with a full 100% ownership guaranty from the Registry of Properties.

In order to become a happy and successful prudential real estate investor in our local real estate market you should apply the following advice:

  1. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Following this very wise principle, the investor, who wants for example, invest $ 3.000.000, - in the Costa Rican real estate market, should split his investment into 5, 6 or more projects.
  2. Never try to negotiate a property on your own. As soon as the local owner sees your face and hears your language the price for his property will go up at least 10 times.
  3. Never negotiate or sign anything without the presents of your trusted Law firm. Many foreigners, in order to reduce costs, agree to sign contracts before a Notary the seller has recommended. This Notary is not your Lawyer and does not represent and defend your personal interest in the matter.
  4. Never hire, retain or contract a Lawyer without a written contract. Any serious Law firm will insist in a written contract in which the legal services, required by the client, are clearly and in details established; as well as the fees.
  5. Never purchase a property or business without a detailed investigation done by your trusted Law firm. Many foreigners have had their property or investment dreams in paradise shattered by finding out later on that the property they purchased has restrictions on it, did not belong to the seller, has never been registered and does not have a title, or has been sold at the same day to different buyers.

We, at ASG Legal S.A., advise you to consider very seriously our recommendations in the best of your own interest.

We help you finding your property dream or your investment objects in paradise without you waking up in a legal nightmare.

Every property or investment we recommend has been previously investigated by us and we do everything on our power to make sure that our clients and their investments are legally protected.