Costa Rica

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Legal Consulting in Costa Rica


The law firm, ASG Legal S.A., considers the system of laws to be the fundamental tool for a society of justice and fairness, whereby dialogue is a viable means to obtaining a satisfactory outcome for litigating parties.

Likewise, we consider that the execution of justice be specialized and, with all the dramatic advances in specific areas of law, we feel it is important that legal counseling be managed by specialist with experience in that field, who can rely on the backing, experience and security offered by this law firm.

Our law firm is guided by dedicated professionals experienced in the development of legal projects. They are concerned with the overall progress of ongoing cases, as well as with the techniques used in the decision-making and problem-solving processes.

Similarly, we provide legal counseling to individuals and organizations in the private sector with the goal of resolving their cases and conflicts.

We highly value the importance of satisfying the needs of our clients and take great care in their well-being and concerns.